Random Five Friday – 8-22-2014


0-shelibeanI figure what better way to start off a Random Friday Five than with Shelibean.  I wanted a new photo of Sheli to post here, but he was having none of it. I scooped him up and sat him on an old table outside and still he wouldn’t cooperate. This was the only photo out of a half dozen that was even recognizable. It’s like he knows if he moves his head it blurs the photo. Apparently Sheli loves being a lap-landing-ornament but he ain’t gonna be nobody’s super model.

IMG_6329My husband’s flower bed is looking wonderful. It’s so pretty in real life.

IMG_6341Our Gerber daisies never have had a chance to flourish because something keeps cutting them down.
I was happy when I found this one with a bloom and a ladybug. I figure the bloom won’t be there much longer. It’s either rabbits or squirrels that cuts our Gerber daisies down. Nope it’s not a cutting worm. Want to know how I know it’s not a cutting worm? Because cutting worms don’t leave foot prints in the dirt and they don’t scatter the leaves and stems. lol

IMG_6325The walnuts are falling, which means that Autumn is soon to be here putting the land to bed getting ready for the long winter’s sleep.  We don’t ever harvest the walnuts, we leave them for the squirrels to eat and bury all over the yard.

IMG_6392I’ve been working a bit on burlap decor. I’ve decided it needs some color. Instead of buying colored burlap I dyed it with coffee and kool-aid. I’m pleased as peaches with the results.
While I’m discussing burlap, here’s a little stuffed heart I made that may end up on my new wreath. I’m quite pleased with the way it looks and I wanted to show it off. 😉IMG_6387

This is all for me at the moment.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

Blackberry Winter & Misc

IMG_0970I hope everyone had a good week. We’ve got colds here at my home. I’d hoped we were over that for the year, but oh well…

IMG_0898Blackberry winter has arrived. The temps get down into the low 40’s. That’s not too awful, but we got spoiled real quick to sitting outside enjoying the 70’s and the 80’s tempperatures.  It’s annoying that we need the heat on again.

IMG_1327My Basil isn’t doing well, most of it got bit back from the cold. I usually don’t have a problem during Blackberry with my porch garden. I guess where my basil was sitting there must’ve been an extra cold spot or something. Bummer dude!

IMG_1302The Baby Bunny living under our porch Something keeps chopping our Gerber Daisies to pieces. I’m going to surf around and see if I can find a deterrent. I don’t want to hurt whatever’s doing it, but I do want it to stop.

IMG_1319I started a new crochet blanket project with my shades of purple yarn. I didn’t get very far on it before I got sick. So, I’ve put it away until I’m well again.

And so it goes for me at the moment.
Time to go back to bed and wait for the cold to pass. t2513

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend!