Happy Veterans Day – Redwork blocks 6 & 7 eagle & poppy


saluteSalutes of Gratitude to all
veterans & troops past & present
for all they’ve sacrificed for us,
and for the security & liberty that
they continue to give to us.

Wishing everyone a Safe & Peaceful
Day of Remembrance!


In honor of this Armistice Day & Veterans Day
I drew & embroidered a Redwork Eagle & Redwork Poppy.



4 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day – Redwork blocks 6 & 7 eagle & poppy

    • Thanks so much Dianna,
      I wish I was more skilled at drawing. I’ve never had any training, so my stuff is a bit awkward, but I enjoy doing it anyway. lol
      I hope you enjoy your day too.


    • Thanks so much Cher
      I wanted to do something special for veterans day. Veterans are a special part of my heart. Thankfully this turned out better than I’d hoped.
      I’m so glad to see you. Thanks for leaving a happy comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again real soon.


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