Shelibean my craft tester – Butterfly Loom

Last November my Bff surprised me with a special gift of a ‘Butterfly Loom’. She has one and makes beautiful motifs for a coverlet she’s making.
I’d never tried to use the loom. I wanted to try to make motifs, but I was afraid I couldn’t do them right. The other night I was surfing around youtube and looking at some craft videos and happened on a beginners video for the ‘Butterfly Loom’.
I watched it and realized that perhaps I could make butterfly loom motifs too.
When I got the loom out and sit down on our sofa, Sheli started sniffing the loom and tried to take it from me.  So being the obedient human I am, I gave him the first motif I made. When I was working on my second motif I noticed Sheli was napping with his head laying sweetly on his new motif. I tried to sneak around and take his photo, but he roused up and made an even cuter pose. I apologize for the quality of photo, I took it with a cellphone.
Seriously, it does help me to test the strength of a yarn project to give a sample piece to Sheli. He’s goes at his job of tester with gusto and seriousness. He chewed, pulled, tugged, tossed and chased the motif and it held up real well, so far, Which really surprises me considering the way the motifs are made. Just yarn wound around the toothed edge and knots tied at the meeting points.

Here’s a gallery to give you an idea of the Butterfly Loom.

I’ve made a few motifs and am getting better with each one. I’ve an idea as to how I want to use them. Hopefully, my idea will work out and if it does I’ll post a photo of what I make with them.

The weekend was really nice. The temperatures were comfortable, the sun was shining and we even opened a window or two. My husband painted our utility room. I did a smidgen of Spring cleaning in my craft room. Unfortunately the nice weather has passed. It cooled off alot during the night and our temperatures are forecast to drop way down and we may even get a dusting or two of snow this week. It’s now what we used to call pneumonia weather. Hopefully the cold front won’t last and we’ll get back to the business of warm weather and plans to enjoy the great outdoors.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend
and will have a wonderful week.


edited in: 4-5-2018
The other day I recieved an email via my contact form asking about where I got my butterfly loom.
I couldn’t remember where I got mine, so I asked my BFF and she said she got them from ebay. I sent a reply and said I got mine from ebay. (What I should have said was mine was a gift but came from ebay. I’m forgetful in my old age. :/ )
After I sent the reply, I went on an internet search to try and find places other than ebay that sells them.
I’ve searched, as much as my limited knowledge of the internet allows, and I found only ebay and one other website that sells butterfly looms.
I’m adding a link to the butterfly loom site on this post.
If you know of another place that sells butterfly looms, let me know in the contact form and I’ll add the link here on this post.

ButterFly Loom –






13 thoughts on “Shelibean my craft tester – Butterfly Loom

  1. You must have the cutest quality control tester by far. I have had a sheltered life so haven’t seen a butterfly loom before, although I have the motifs on lap blankets before, I wondered how they were made, and there was me thinking it was by witchcraft

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    • Thanks Roma
      Yep, not only does he have looks, Sheli’s top quality control. lol
      My bff introduced me to butterfly looms last year. But until the other day, I’d never used one. I really like making the motifs.


  2. Aw…cute little Shelibean – and making himself useful too! Your weather is very similar to ours, but I think we’re a day or so behind you. It’s still nice here today, but winter returns later this week!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      Shelibean loves earning his keep.
      This cold weather front is very disheartening. I’ll be glad when the temps settle down.


    • Thanks Renee
      If you ever want a craft just to tinker with or make some super pretty stuff then you may want to give looms a try. I’m not as skilled as my Bff is at looming, but I still have fun trying to make pretties. lol


    • Hello Robyn
      Welcome to my blog.
      My butterfly loom was a gift to me from a friend. My friend bought it from Ebay.
      The only other place I’ve found to sell them is:
      ButterFly Loom –
      Thanks so much for visiting. I’m sorry, I can’t be of more help.
      I hope you’ll visit again some time.


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