Nothin’ but blue skies from now on

IMG_7569Yesterday, was a dreary overcast day with a heavy winds that thankfully was comfortably warm. The temp was in the high 70’s and We loved it!!! We had a really good day because my husband got an awesome report from his heart surgeon.
Even with the gray of the day we were happy and the song ‘Blue Skies’ came to our minds and we even sung a rough rendition of it off and all for the rest of the day. lol Yep, We are two old silly-hearts… and I wouldn’t have it any other way…
I stand in awe of My husband’s good nature and positive attitude through ‘it all’. He’s a peach, my fellow is. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon, we took Sheli for a short walk and he doesn’t like the leash, as you can see in the photo. He still had a jolly good romp. He loved chasing the leaves to the end of the 15 feet leash and make us run walk fast after them too. This was the first time that we didn’t have to carry Sheli back to the house from the walk. So, our little guy has finally grown stronger and has more stamina. We didn’t think that day would ever come, and it may never happen again. Sheli’s quite spoiled and enjoys being toted around, especially if a neighbor dog barks or a loud car goes by or a butterfly flies to close or or or. lolIMG_7568

We had a harsh storm last night. We were under a tornado watch most of the night. I had our emergency stuff gathered together in our safe place or what we think would be a safe place in case we had to make a mad dash for safter area of the house.
Sometime during the night, the power was off. I don’t know for how long. I just know ‘the instant silence and complete dark’ woke me up like it always does. The storm was raging thunder, lightning and rain. I was so tired that I went back to sleep after a few moments. Sometime later a loud clanky sound woke me up. The power was back on and my husband was looking out the window. He told me what I was hearing isthe utility folks outside making a lot of noise fixing the lines or something.

The sun is out today and now the ‘Blue skies’ are ‘smilin’ at me’ for real. The temperature has cooled back down in 50’s though, but it’s all good. 🙂IMG_7573

I reckon this is all for me at the moment.

Here’s hoping you all have a pleasant weekend.


Blue Skies
by Irving Berlin in 1926

Blue skies smilin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies do I see
Blue birds singin’ a song
Nothin’ but blue skies from now on

Never saw the sun shinin’ so bright,
never saw things goin’ so right
Noticing the days hurrying by,
when you’re in love, my how they fly by
Blue days, all of them gone
Nothin’ but blue skies from now on

(At this point in the song, depending on the version,
it changes into like a singer or artists choice…
so I’ll stop with the lyrics right here)

Maxine Sullivan – Blue Skies


6 thoughts on “Nothin’ but blue skies from now on

  1. Glad you have blue skies. That storm passed by us today, and thankfully, its bark was much worse than its bite! The weather forecasters had really scared us, but we barely had any wind. Tomorrow’s supposed to be beautiful! I’m glad your hubby got a good report; sounds like he’s the same kind of guy as my Motor Man! Aren’t we fortunate?? Have a GREAT weekend, EC!


  2. Let the good times roll, congratulations to Hubby on his good report 🙂 Old Dog says he would protect Sheli from all the bad butterfly’s


  3. Sorry to take so long to get here to comment, your blog was locked up in my browser for a couple days. Glad your husband is doing well, and Shelibean, too. Glad you didn’t need your safe place in the storm. Funny how silence wakes us, same here.


    • Thanks Patti
      Welcome to my new blog. It’s great to see you here.
      I hope you are well and you pc issue will get resolved soon.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. I hope you’ll visit again soon.


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