Wildlife Wednesday – Squirrel


We see squirrels digging in the yard. Sometimes they’ll dig up walnuts that they’ve stored there last fall. That’s what the squirrel in my photo was doing.  I wonder how many walnuts are buried  that will be forgotten. Also I have to wonder, if we stopped mowing, how long would it be until our yard would be a forest. I have a tough time keeping the saplings dug out of my flower beds and garden, so I figure it wouldn’t be many years at all. Makes me wonder though.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Squirrel

  1. Those squirrels are such busy little creatures! I don’t have bird feeders, so they don’t bother me, except when they dig up one of my plants. They don’t eat it: they just dig it up and leave it lying on the ground! Have a good day, E.C.!


  2. Your photo is stunning, we get plenty of squirrels in our garden I think they use it as an assault course to keep up their fitness levels LOL


  3. We have a big pecan tree in our yard, and between squirrels and crows, there are little pecan trees in almost every flower bed I have. It’s hard to get them out.


    • I know what you mean Charlotte 🙂
      We always laugh about the saplings because we know if we humans had tried to get the walnut or acorn (or pecan) to grow heartily it would rot in the ground. lol


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