June Wreath

1-fishwreathMy June ‘2014 Wreath of the Month’ is my most favorite wreath that I’ve ever made.
2-fishwreath*I made the wreath base out of empty water bottles.
*I sculpted the critters, trees, lily-pads,
boat & fisherman out of polymer clay.

*I made a hook out of wire and sculpted a little worm for it.
I used fishing line and hung the worm on the hook
from the fishing pole that I made out of a toothpick.

4-fishwreathI used some shells which my late Grandma in-law gave to me.
I added a bit of salvaged paper raffia for sea-weed.

I had the best time creating, sculpting and decorating this wreath.
It’s a fun wreath and has gotten many compliments.
The men and boys in my family especially like it.

Fishing has always been a big part of my family.
A fishing trip would be an enjoyable way to celebrate Father’s day.


I hope all the Dad’s & caretakers of our children
have a pleasant month of good times & fun
whatever your hobby or favorite sport.

Here’s why I’m making a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.
Here’s a photo of the way I made the wreath base out of empty plastic water bottles.
I used shipping tape to hold them together



18 thoughts on “June Wreath

    • You’re very welcome Nadine
      Thanks so much. You gave me a big smile this morning..
      If you use the base, I hope you’ll take photos and share the fun wreaths you make.
      I’d love to see them.


  1. It’s adorable, love the idea to recycle the water bottles and how special to use your late grandmother-in-laws seashells. I’m sure the men & boys were happy to see something leaning towards them, when most crafts go towards women. Father’s Day have thing to do with it I wonder? 🙂

    edited 3pm by admin:
    I hope you don’t mind, but I edited your comment a bit to make it accurate. I edited in grandmother-in-law to replace mother-in-law.


    • Thanks so much Sassy
      My Grandmother-in-law was a very crafty lady. She could make really pretty things with shells.
      I agree about there not being much male oriented crafts such as wreaths, so that’s why I was so keen on posting this one for June when Father’s Day is celebrated. 🙂


    • Thanks thegrangerange
      We drink an alot of water and I got the idea there must be something crafty I could do with the bottles. Making a wreath with them was a lot of fun.


    • Thanks Patti
      Using the bottles turned out better than I’d hoped.
      The undersea world was kind of a domino effect: one idea led to another and another and so on. Lol It was a lot of fun. 🙂


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