Garden Update – 6-23-2014

6-22-2014We got our first harvest of green beans yesterday. I can hardly wait to cook them. I’m going to put new potatoes and some herbs in with the beans and let them cook down. Yum! The rest of the beans will be snapped, blanched, vacuum packed and put in the freezer for winter.

We got our first harvest of cucumbers too.  They’ll be sliced and put in a bowl of icy water with just a sprinkle of lite salt.

A few more squash needed picking, so I picked them. We don’t really need them. I have a huge pile of squash on my counter right now. I’ll post a photo of them someday soon.

The leafy vegetable with the bright color leaf stems is Chard. It’s an interesting veggie. The stems has a celery-like taste to them and the green leafy part taste similar to spinach. This year is our first experience with it and we like it a lot.

I dug up a few potatoes to cook in with my beans.
I picked a few onions to have on hand for cooking or if my husband want to eat them raw.

Thankfully this update is a positive one.

I hope your gardening season is a productive one.
Here’s a few photos of our garden that show it’s progress.
Our crops are growing well (and so are the weeds. lol)



10 thoughts on “Garden Update – 6-23-2014

    • Thanks Nadine
      You gave me a nice chuckle, ‘not all in one day’ lol thanks for that smile. 🙂
      I agree it’s getting to be my favorite time of the year too: new veggies and fruits and things, Yummy. 🙂


    • Thanks Karen
      Our garden is doing a lot better than we hoped. I’m thankful for the sporadic storms not only for the rain but also the lightning increases nitrogen in the air and that helps the plants to grow better.
      I’m happy to be back blogging. I missed you and your beautiful gardening too. 🙂


  1. Brings back memories of my childhood, when my mom planted a little garden: squash, “snaps”, potatoes, cabbage, butterbeans….. And we ALWAYS “cooked down” our green beans/snaps, too! Enjoy your harvest!


    • Thanks Dianna
      You have some great memories. Sounds like a feast with every picking. Yum!
      There’s not much better tasting beans than fresh picked and fresh cooked down green beans. I have them on the stove right now. Only 3 more hours to go til we can eat them. 😉


    • Thanks Patti
      We’re thankful our garden is doing so well, so far, There will be feasting and canning and then feasting again. lol 🙂


  2. Wow, what a great crop you have there, everything looks so healthy and delish! I have some chard growing too, we had some with our dinner the other evening, and it was really tasty. Enjoy your crop.


    • Thanks Barb
      We’re thankful for the good gardening season that we’ve had so far. Isn’t it fabulous feasting on fresh veggies (and not having to worry about what chemicals is on them, makes them even more tasty in my book. )
      Chard is a really tasty veggie. This is our first year growing chard and it’s our first time eating it too. My brother sent me the seeds. I’m glad he did because we really enjoy it..
      Happy Gardening. 🙂


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