Spring Signs

0-buttersI went for a walk to see the signs of spring during our oddly warm days. I was surprised to see a buttefly. The weather has been gorgeous. The trees and flowers are budding and growing.
We could still have some freezing weather this winter. It’s a long time until last frost.
My mini-daffodils are blooming and there is an old saying about ‘snow falling on daffodils once’… but since mine aren’t the classic kind, they may not count. Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy the pleasant weather while it’s here.0-dafi

Wishing you all a pleasant week.



16 thoughts on “Spring Signs

  1. It’s the time of year where you’re hoping for spring, but you know it isn’t quite time yet! My daffodils are blooming, too. And I’ve seen one tiny butterfly: that’s greenish-yellow color. ‘twon’t be long!

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    • I agree Dianna
      ‘twon’t be long’ ’til we have a a whole passel of butterflies and flowers and all sorts of new critters enjoying life.


    • Hi Nadine
      You bet it does. We’ve been talking about tilling up an area for some onions, but it’s too wet at the moment.
      I hope you’ll post photos on your blog of your seedlings as they grow. It gives such a sense of satisfaction to grow your own plants. I wish you super success. 🙂


  2. I don’t think I have ever seen a butterfly in February. Your walk “to see the signs of spring” turned out beautifully! Now, I must get out and take a closer look.. I will start with the “lipstick Powderhorn lichens.” :~) Hope you have a nice week!

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    • Thanks Mary
      Seeing the butterfly was a fun surprise. We have all sorts of flora and fauna waking up and showing itself. The “lipstick Powderhorn lichens.” pretty much stays around all year, but it’s pretty and tiny, and I couldn’t resist taking it’s photo and sharing it.
      Hope you have a wonderful week too. 🙂


    • Thanks Ginny
      Seeing the butterfly was such good fun. Spring is definitely trying to be in full swing here. It’s a joy to see the world awaken after it’s winter’s nap. 🙂


  3. A butterfly! After a few warm days, I thought I’d better check on the chrysalises in the shed–just to make sure there weren’t any early emerging butterflies with nothing to eat.

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