Updates: Gardening & Shelibean

IMG_1342The last photo I posted of Shelibean, he was playing in snow on the porch. Here’s a recent photo of him setting enjoying the sunshine sitting on the porch. We just went through blackberry winter and it’s been more than a bit chilly, so a day in the warm sunshine was enjoyed by all of us.

IMG_1287My 3-8-2015 taking-a-break post has a photo of my roadside lilies just starting to grow. Here’s a photo of them now, grown and getting ready to bloom.

IMG_1232My Basil is looking real pretty, it was such tiny seedlings in the last photo I had posted of it. I’ve already used my basil a few times. I enjoy harvesting it because the aroma fills the air and smells so nice: oh and it’s mighty tasty too.

IMG_1302We planted only half the garden this year. It’ll be easier for us to take care of. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, even though it’s small, it’ll produce lots of yummy veggies.

IMG_1303It’s really hard to get squash and cucumber seeds to germinate in our garden. I normally start the seeds in flats indoors. This year I thought of a new method that’s less work & low maintenance. I’m happy to report it worked like a charm as you can see from the above squash photo. Below is a graphic that I drew of the method I used.
garseedIt occurred to me that one could dig a hole in the garden, fill it with potting soil and plant the seeds. This would basically be like planting the seeds in pots, only it’s in the garden and there’s no transplanting required. Cool!
I wish I would have thought of this years ago. ~happy dance~

IMG_1264In my 2-27-2015 post, I posted a few photos of  ‘What a difference a day makes‘ in what the yard looks like, well I thought I’d share a photo and show what a difference 3 months make. Lush green foilage sure makes the area looks more cheerful.

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I’m happy to say that over this long weekend we got all of our yard-work done and enjoyed several hours of sitting out on the porch. It’s a treasure to spend time together relaxing during the nice weather. We were especially happy that we were finally blessed with some rain. Our garden and yard was in desperate need of it.

Life has finally evened out here at the old homeplace. We’re feeling fine and doing okay. I’ve done a bit of sewing. I plan to share about it sometime (as soon as I can get fairly decent photos of my project).

Anyway, I’m back blogging and hopefully I won’t have to take another break for a long long time. ~crosses my fingers~and says a pray~

Wishing you all a pleasant week of sunshine and smiles.


9 thoughts on “Updates: Gardening & Shelibean

  1. Your garden looks great. Happy Shelibean is getting some sun. It is stormy and rainy here today. The humidity is intense. Glad to see you again. ❤

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    • Thanks Colleen,
      Shelibean does enjoy the sunshine.
      We’re having of scattered storms and we’re glad to have the rain. It’s been so dry the past few weeks.
      I’m happy to be back.
      Have a great week. 🙂

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  2. Shelibean looks very contented and happy, and I can see that he is looking more mature now and still as handsome!
    Your basil looks very healthy; I love the aroma and would have it all over the house if I could! I used some of mine the other night in a beef casserole and it was yummy. Your garden is looking great in the sunny weather.

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    • Thanks Barb,
      Shelibean is a very spoiled little boy. His look of maturity is subduing technique to get us to accept him as alpha. lol
      Basil is a wonderful herb and the aroma is so nice. I bet your casserole was delicious. Yum!
      Our garden did quite well during the dry weeks so hopefully the rain will make flourish and start producing. Do you garden this time of year?
      Have a great week!

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      • I live in the sub-tropics of Queensland, so am able to garden all year round. We get no frost here, the lowest temps in our winters is about 9C. Our winter starts shortly (June-August) and I still have flowers blooming in the garden! The days are still warm but cool nights – which I think is perfect!

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  3. Shelibean is handsome as ever! Love all the “green.” My lilies are just starting to look like yours. I’m sure you’ll appreciate half the garden work! Smart girl on filling the hole with potting soil.


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