Lavender herb or flower


My lavender is blooming. I bought it last year thinking I was going to give using lavender herb a try.

I read a recipe of lavender infused tea. Oh it sounded so lovely and pleasant like it would be refreshing on a hot Summer day.
I was talking to my BFF about the lavender tea. I pondered aloud “I wonder what lavender tastes like.”
My BFF laughed and said, “It probably tastes like purple.” lol

It was a bit late in the season for me to a start seeds, so I decided to buy an already growing plant. I found one at a local plant/fruit stand. It was a lovely little thing. On the way home I imagined myself, lounging on our back porch with an icey glass of lavender infused tea.

After I got the plant home, I looked it up on the internet and discovered there’s different varieties of lavender. The plant stake that came with mine was plastic with a picture of a grown plant and said ‘lavender’, but didn’t say what variety. So, I decided not to try it, since I couldn’t be sure if it was safe to eat or not.


I gave up on making any lavender recipes. Sadly, I took the little plant and planted it in one of my flower beds. It grew quite a bit over the summer. I figured it would die during the winter, but this Spring it was a nice surprise to see that it survived.

I don’t know if it’s edible, but I plan on letting it grow and survive for as long as it can. I think it gives a bit of character to my flower bed.

I know the photos of this lavender aren’t top quality. But for some reason my camera has struggles trying to focus on it.


Do you think this variety is edible?

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.cloudhugspgrnbgln

11 thoughts on “Lavender herb or flower

  1. I haven’t a clue how to tell the difference between the different varieties. I love lavender but have had no luck in growing any. All the seeds fail to start and plants already in pots from the store die rather quickly in my care. I have a bottle of lavender flavor oil/extract for use in recipes. I forget where I got it. I am sure I still have the email with the order confirmation, if I can find it I will come back and provide the link so you can check it out if you like. When used in place of vanilla extract in yellow cake recipes it yields a lemony sort of flavor. I have also had lavender soda pop, and it did not have that same flavor so maybe it was flavored with a different variety than the flavor oil, or something about the baking process/other ingredients caused the lemony flavor. I can’t really describe the flavor the soda had. It was unique and I liked it a lot. I’ve never thought of using the oil for tea. I may have to try it. 🙂

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  2. Lavender is so pretty AND aromatic. BUT, at a recent farmers’ market, my friends and I bought lavender/blueberry ice cream. That lavender “stayed with me” for the rest of the day, if you get my drift – and I only ate a couple of mouthfuls. So I’ve decided that I will enjoy looking at and smelling lavender, but I won’t be ingesting any more of it!!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      You’ve given me some extra food for thought. I’ll be careful to only taste a little and see if it effects me the same way. Bananas are like that with me. IThanks again. 🙂


  3. Lavender is my favorite scent! I love burning this scent of candles. It is also my favorite color along with purple. However, when I paint in watercolors, I usually lean toward other colors for ocean creatures, etc. I think you have a definite “green thumb” and I wish I could grow the things you do. I just don’t have the patience or climate for it in summer. Way too hot here!

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    • Thanks Whitefeatherflo
      You have good uses and good thoughts on Lavender. Unfortunately, my lavender didn’t flourish in my new herb bed. It’s about half dead. I’m going to move it again and hope it does better and comes back next year.
      I admire your paintings. It takes a steady hand and talent to paint with watercolors.
      When a seed or plant takes root and flourishes it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something special. 🙂

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      • Thanks so much E.C. I appreciate your thoughts. I have been painting for many years now, but more consistently for just over the last 5 years I think. I do know what you mean when you say you’ve accomplished something special when a seed or plant takes root and flourishes. I have an aloevera plant that had a baby in the same pot! Eventually I should transplant it, but I am always afraid I’m going to kill one or both of them in the process! However, I have transplanted to the biggest one once. So it should be okay. I have some Lupin that I dug up out of the yard and transplanted to another part of the yard a few years ago and it spread which made me happy.

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