Tomato-less Pizza Sauce – Alfredo Spinach Dip Pizza Sauce

IMG_1039We like to have homemade pizza night where we make our own individual pizzas. It’s quite fun to lay out the ingredients and let each person dress their own pizza. I particularly like dressing my own pizza because unlike most normal folks, I’m not a big fan of tomato pizza sauce and prefer a white sauce.

Recently, I decided to make a pizza topped with fruit cocktail, chopped pepperonis and shredded turkey lunch-meat along with the normal shredded mixed cheeses topping.  I used to make a white sauce with a blend of white cheeses and herbs. My recipe is quite good, but I decided to try something different for my sauce by using equal parts of store-bought Alfredo sauce and Spinach dip.IMG_10301

I’m happy to say, my pizza was delicious. My husband ate a slice of my pizza and was very impressed with it. Matters-a-fact, it was so good that a few days later we indulged on a second pizza night just so we could enjoy the new sauce mix. I didn’t have any fruit to put on it, but the pizza was still mighty tasty.

IMG_19261From now on, I plan to use the mix of Alfredo sauce and Spinach dip for my pizza sauce. It’s so easy to dip each out the store-bought jars and mix it in a bowl and then spread it on a pizza crust.

Do you have a favorite sauce that’s differs from the traditional ones,
or do you like the traditional ones the best?

Happy cooking!chefspgrnbgln

6 thoughts on “Tomato-less Pizza Sauce – Alfredo Spinach Dip Pizza Sauce

    • ~Runs in and gives Judy a big Hug~
      Hey Buddy it’s great to see you again. I read your new book and it’s amazing.
      I hope your Summer is going great. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a happy comment. 🙂


    • Thanks Laura
      I’d heard of a pineapple pizza, but never had a hankering to try one because pineapple and tomato sauce blend sounded quite yucky. But since I made the white sauce, it seemed a good compliment to fruity flavors. So I gave it a try and am glad I did. 🙂


    • Thanks GR
      I think having pizza night is great family fun.
      I hadn’t thought of using pesto sauce. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.


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