Yellow & White Loom Weaved Place-mats finished


Thanks to all the thunderstorms keeping us indoors (and offline) I got all 4 of my place-mats made. They turned out quite well. They’re 12 x 15 inches. They’re real cheerful and bright in real life.
This is my second set of place-mats that I’ve weaved on the Martha Stewart Loom. They’re easy to clean. I just throw them in the wash with everything else and then throw them in the dryer afterwards. I’ve never blocked them.
I crocheted a doily for the middle of the table. I had to block it. I was too lazy to set up a board and put pins all around it. Instead, I used my yellow Knifty Knitter loom. I placed the stitches of the outer edge of the doily over the posts and sprayed the doily with water, then let it dry. Ta dah! It worked like a charm and was so easy to do.

Happy Crafting!


12 thoughts on “Yellow & White Loom Weaved Place-mats finished

    • Thanks Laura
      The easy washing made it easier for me to choose such light bright colors for the Summer.
      Makes my kitchen look cheerfuller.


  1. Great job, E.C. I love that you can wash them. I always hesitate making placemats because of the washing thing. Yellow is so nice and sunny! ❤

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    • Thanks so much Colleen
      I was so happy to discover that placemats weaved (or is it woven or wafted) on the MS Loom hold up during a regular wash and dry. That made it easier to decide to use the lighter colors. I’ve washed my first set many many times and they’re still holding up with no fraying or frazzeling. I’ve washed this set twice and they doing great too. I plan to make some for fall soon. 🙂

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