4 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird Video

  1. Excellent video, E.C.! I remember hearing, years ago, that hummingbirds’ wings never stopped moving. That obviously isn’t true! I’ve captured photos of one, completely still, on my feeder.

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    • Thanks Dianna
      I heard that too about their wings. I was told they’d burn up inside if their wings stopped. It’s obviously an Old-wives-tale at it’s finest. When we first started feeding hummingbirds we were surprised to see them stop and stay in one place for a minute or so at a time.
      I watched a documentary on them and apparently they go into an almost paralyzed state at night and stay that way until morning.
      I bet your photo is lovely. Hummingbirds are like little angels flitting about. 🙂


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