7-1-2016 Garden Update & Misc

P1030246The asparagus beans have done well so far this year growing/running up the decorative corn and the twine. However, next year we plan to plant the asparagus beans in a row of their own and make a trellis for them to run on. It’s awfully crowded in the corn rows now that both are maturing and fully leafed out.
P1030402Our decorative corn stalks are getting their-ears-on. We’re hoping the deer doesn’t decide to sample the ears before they mature and we can harvest some.P1030450We’ve been getting only a few regular green beans compliments of the deer. There’s wasn’t enough for a mess to cook or freeze, so we broke them up with the asparagus beans and froze them all together. We froze 4 1/2 quarts of asparagus/green beans. I think that’s pretty good. We’re already looking forward to cooking them. 😉

P1030375My 50+ bell pepper plants are beginning to put on fruit. I figure by the end of the month we’ll be covered in colorful bell peppers. I’ll be freezing them for soups, stir fries and other tasty dishes. If most of the plants put on fruit, I’ll probably be giving oodles of them away.

00I added a much needed set of new screwdrivers to my tool collection. My husband is enjoying helping me fill my toolbox with new tools. I like having my toolbox of tools here in the house ready to use anytime day or night. I don’t know why I didn’t think to get my own set of tools decades ago.

P1030394aI made a stacked tuna salad and it was so pretty I thought I’d share a photo of it.
A stacked tuna salad is layers as follows:
crushed corn chips,
tuna salad
chopped tomatoes
shredded mix cheese
with a cherry tomato on the top

P1030279The walnut tree is loaded heavy this year. My husband had to cut some of the heavily ladened limbs off. They were hanging low over the driveway and could do damage to our vehicles when they dropped walnuts or if the wind caused them to break.
I’ve always heard that a bountiful season for the nut trees means an extra cold winter. I truly hope not…

P1020348t09017Just in case the walnut tree is predicting some bad winter weather,
I got busy and made me a new hat on my green Boye knitting loom. Hey, it never hurts to be prepared.

Happy July 1st to you all!
It’s hard to believe half of 2016 has passed already.
Have a safe and fun filled weekend!
I wish you all a wonderful July full of blogging & smiles.ec-sunny

8 thoughts on “7-1-2016 Garden Update & Misc

    • Thanks Laura
      I like the knitting loom really well. I’ve been using knitting looms for a few years and I wished I had of known of them decades ago. It’s easy to make things on them. I’m slower on it than a lot of more talented loomers. I don’t mind though. It’s enjoyable creative busy work.
      I hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Things are busy around your place! I thought I was keeping the deer off our deck with a piece of twine with aluminum pie pans on it. So I hadn’t sprayed the stinky stuff on the flowers on the deck. Nearly all my sunflower in pots are gone, as well as a petunia and a begonia. aAARRGHHH!
    I have my own tool box too. And most of the time, when hubby needs a tool, he comes to me…because I know where MY tools are!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well shucks Dianna
      I was hoping the pans would work on your porch to deter the deer. Good thing you have your stinky stuff deterrent and maybe can save the rest of the summer for your flowers.
      It’s nice having my own tools. You know, it’s interesting how handy my tools are now. My husband uses mine more than his now. Like you said, I know where my tools are. ~chuckle~ Our Misters, ya gotta love ’em. 😀


    • Thanks Sheryl
      It always helps to be prepared. I hope we don’t have a bad winter though.
      I hope you had a wonderful 4th too. 🙂


  2. The thought of winter and you whipped up a new hat! Maybe you should keep those asparagus beans hidden–from the deer! You know they read your blog, right? You are getting a nice selection of tools. I have my own screwdriver! LOL And some gardening tools I picked out. It is nice to have your own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol Patti
      You may be on to something with the deer reading my blog. That would explain how they know when we plant and stuff starts growing well. lol
      I agree, it’s nice to have our own tools. I really enjoy Collecting them it’s major fun. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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