Tomato Juice

P1030894bThe first batch of tomato juice is finished and in the freezer. It’s now ready to be thawed either to be drank or used in cooking. I didn’t add anything to my juice: no sugar, no salt, no herbs. More tomatoes are ripe and ripening, so I’ll probably up to my elbows in juice making again soon.

I poured some fresh juice in a glass. It’s foamy and thick, so I added a spoon of water and the foam bubbles rose to the top where I dipped most of them off. I stirred in a bit of salt and it tasted quite good.

I’ve never froze tomato juice before so I don’t know how it’ll do; I figure it should do okay.
I’m happy to be finished for now. Hopefully I can get caught up on my blogging.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday.


22 thoughts on “Tomato Juice

  1. yum! It ought to be delicious when you thaw it out, and it sure looks yummy in the glass with garnish. My tomatoes have blossoms! There are some good things about living here in Maine, and getting tomatoes early is not one of them. Some years we don’t; get any because fall comes too soon after spring. But I am hopeful for this year. 🙂

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    • Thanks Salpal
      Sounds like your tomatoes are on their way to blessing you with an abundant harvest. I got my fingers-crossed for fall to play nice and wait to arrive until after your tomatoes producing ends. 🙂
      I wonder what variety of tomatoes you grow? We have trouble with growing tomatoes. We usually get just a few large ones and several cherry tomatoes. This year I chose some Early Girls along with several other varieties. Except for the one Cherokee Purple, the only tomatoes we’ll get are the ‘Early Girls’ and the cherry/grape ones. I think it’s because they produce early. From now on we plan to grow several Early Girls and some cherry tomatoes.

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      • I do have the best luck with cherry and early girl. Every year though, I try some plums because they make better sauce. Last year was good, I got some before frost. This year I think I put some big boys in with early girls, just hoping! And for cherries this year, I planted SEEDS in JUNE, so I expect NOTHING. Just got a late start.

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        • Hi Salpal
          Seeds in June sound a bit late in the season, but hey with mild weather and a pleasant fall you could get a harvest yet.
          I wish you a successful harvest with your big tomatoes.
          I figure Early Girls will be our main choice from now on. They’re not as sweet as the Big Boy tomatoes, but they’re still mighty tasty. 🙂

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          • There is NOTHING like a fresh tomato, of any variety. 🙂 I did put in plants of the bigger tomatoes, but just threw some cherry seeds in an empty spot. I have little plants now, so I am holding out hope. I can always toss a sheet over them if the weather gets cool to early. 🙂 And pick them green to ripen indoors. Not ideal, but it does work.

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            • Hey Salpal,
              I totally agree with you. There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato of any variety. They all have the taste of sunshine and happiness to me.
              Ripening them indoors is mighty helpful to beat the cold weather (and deer 😉 ).
              I look forward to hearing your tomato and gardening updates. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Laura
      It was quite tasty freshly juiced. I’m hoping that it tastes as good when it’s thawed. I’ll post an update about it. 🙂


  2. I remember fresh tomato juice. Yum! The advent of the freezer made a big difference in food preservation. I remember how tickled my mom was to blanch vegetables and bag and freeze them. I’m sure I was happy to not have to sit with an eye on the pressure cooker gauge in the hot kitchen!

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    • Wow Patti
      Your Mom sounds like mine. You are lucky to have such a saving caring Mom.
      You just took memories straight from my youth and printed them here for all to see. I remember the hot kitchens and the pressure cooker gauge. Folks our age have memories that the newer generations will mostly never know. On the one hand, that’s a good thing and on the other hand not-so-much.
      The freezer is a great blessing of a appliance. My Mom canned or froze everything that she could. She even froze small amounts of any left over veggies for a delicious soup on a cold winters day. 🙂


    • Thanks Whippetwisdom
      It’s really pretty easy task to do, just time consuming. I wish you much enjoyment in juicing your own tomatoes. I’m happy to share, You’re very welcome. 🙂

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