Five For Friday – hummingbird – carrots – garden news- my clutch pattern

8-18-2016-hummingbirdThere’s an adorable little round hummingbird feeding at our feeders. We’re guessing it may be a baby girl. It sure is cute.

20160819_095857I harvested the rest of the carrots. There wasn’t many. Just enough to freeze for one cooking of a winter soup. Now, when the cold of winter comes knocking, I’m prepared for the first soup of the year made with mostly homegrown ingredients. As delicious as it sounds, I’m not in any hurry to make it though. 😉

P1050128My husband mowed the garden down last weekend. Now it’ll rest until we decide to put in a garden  again somedayP1050024My herb garden hasn’t faired well during the dog days of Summer. The herb garden’s so dry that I doubt any of the herbs survive. Only the rosemarys are hanging on with any sort of chance. I’m especially hoping my ‘Madeline Hill Rosemary’ survives the winter and comes back strong next year. It’s special to me because my Brother sent it to me. If the herbs all die out and don’t come back next Spring, I’ll most likely just plant some annual flowers in the little garden bed. That may be pretty. We’ll see…

00-protoclutchI had enough luck making my clutch/wallet by the McCall’s pattern that I was inspired to make my own version of the pattern. I’m changing up some things like the size, amount of dividers and how it goes together. This is my first try, a proto-type. It didn’t turn out like I wanted. It’s warped and misshapen, However, I learned a thing or two about what I need to do to make the next one better. That’s the creating process.

I hope you all had a wonderful gardening season and your flowers, vegetables or herbs were a success.

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Five For Friday – hummingbird – carrots – garden news- my clutch pattern

    • Thank you Laura
      I agree, the Summer has certainly has passed fast. I miss the garden all ready. But there’s always plans to made for next year… 😉


  1. I’m sure using those frozen veggies from your garden will bring back summer memories during the cold of winter. As you know, I not only fight the heat and drought, but also the deer. I planted zinnias from seed for the first time (was late planting them), but they’re blooming. I love them: such an old-fashioned flower! Well, the plaid pattern of your wallet fabric is very unforgiving if everything isn’t lined up JUST RIGHT! Have a great weekend, E.C.!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      Ah yes, Reminiscing about growing them is one of the tasty pleasures that makes the soup all the more satisfying.
      I knew you’d be a good flower gardener. You have a knack for growing flowers (when the deer allow it 😉 ) The photos of your pots, containers and displays around your yard are so charming. Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers. We had some volunteer zinnias come up and they were prettier than any of the store bought flowers we planted.
      I really like plaid, when I can keep my sewing/patterns straight. The main problem with this wallet/clutch by my pattern is that I didn’t make the outside front/back wide enough and the pockets jut out on the sides. I’m working on a new one… if time and life will allow , sometime next week I should have another one done. 🙂

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  2. Whew, the summer sure has flown by. This post makes me very aware that fall is just around the corner. The tomatoes are just now reaching their peak around here, and most of the winter squash are still ripening on the vine.

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    • Hi Sheryl
      That’s interesting how garden seasons differ across the regions. But then, my husband and I are usually gardening a few weeks before any of the folks around here are. We’re early gardeners.
      I love the peek tomato season, there’s so many ways to prepare and eat tomatoes.
      I envy you growing winter squash. I can’t grow it because of the squash vines borers. The only winter squash vine that makes it to produce mature fruits is the butternut squash, I grew butternut squash one year. The vines took over the garden and we had oodles of butternut squash, but I haven’t grew them since because of the vine lengths.
      I wish you a successful harvest. 🙂


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