November 14-2016 Largest Supermoon since 1948 – Mark your calendars

img_4436According to Nasa, If you look up at the night sky November 14, 2016 you you might see Largest supermoon since 1948.
If you’re able to see the brilliant beautiful moon, I hope you’ll grab a camera and snap a few photos to document the event.

Mark your calendars for this Super Event!
and keep your fingers crossed that
there isn’t any clouds covering it.

excerpts from article:
“…the full moon won’t come as close to Earth again until 2034.”
“The moon will turn full so quickly after it reaches the perigee on Nov. 14 that it should arguably be called an “extra-supermoon,” NASA officials said in the blog post. Modern astrologers first coined the term “supermoon.”
Largest supermoon since 1948 to light up night sky


14 thoughts on “November 14-2016 Largest Supermoon since 1948 – Mark your calendars

  1. I will be watching, but night photography eludes me….. and is it just me, or are we having one Super Moon after another these days, each more “super” than the last????

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    • Hey Dianna
      CherryWillow shared in her comment some info that we have a half dozen a year. So I suppose they’ve always been there, it’s just a few of them are announced when they are a few thousand miles closer to Earth than normal. This one hasn’t been so close since 1948 and won’t be this close again until 2034. I thought it was worth a mention.But for me personally, it holds sentimental value to me too. (If you don’t mind, take a gander at my reply to CherryWillow and you’ll see what I mean.)


  2. There is a full “supermoon” about every 413 days so once a year. “A supermoon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.” If one goes with astrologer Richard Noelle’s definition of a “supermoon” (he’s the first one to have coined the term) – which is a new or full moon at or within 90% of it’s closest approach to Earth in a given orbit – there are six “supermoons” in total this year. (source –

    There has been so much fuss on social media about the moon lately – but everything people are fussing over is normal parts of the lunar cycle and much of it happens many times but people never knew/paid attention before social media, and so far none of it has been the magical event most people have the impression it is, they don’t even realize they’ve already lived through it numerous times but they weren’t aware lol.

    I might be a bit of a moon buff. =)

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    • Wow Thanks so much CW,
      Aw cool, you do know a lot about the Moon. Thanks so much for sharing the interesting info. I didn’t realize that supermoons happened so often. I enjoy reading about the working dynamics of stuff like this. I’m not sure about the magical aspect of it, it’s not something I’ve thought much about… (UNless there’s a werewolf afoot. ~looks-around & chuckles causiously~ )… I do find a full moon lighting up a landscape covered in snow to be quite heartening.
      I found the announcement of this Supermoon to be kind of special since this particular supermoon cycle happened last in 1948 and that’s around the same year my parents got married and a year before the first of my siblings was born. That was bittersweet to me and touched my heart. I know, it seems silly, but I’m really sentimental about stuff like that.
      Also this particular supermoon cycle won’t happen again until 2034: 18 years from now. I thought that was worth a mention too. I’ll be 74 then and I hope I’m healthy enough to be aware of this cycle of the supermoon’s return and maybe even remember that I shared about it on my blog way-back-when in 2016. 😉
      Again, thanks so much for the interesting buffet of food-for-thought you inspired. 🙂

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      • Aw that does make this particular cycle special for you! That is awesome that there is a sentimental value to it for you. 😊 This is the only lunar event of the year that people have a reason to be excited since as you mention this is the closest point the moon reaches to earth and it does not happen as often as other lunar events.

        I don’t know why but I have always loved the moon. Maybe I am a werewolf but don’t know it. *giggles*

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