Potato Buckets & Squash

The potato buckets are proving to be an interesting experiment. The two potatoes I used came from the same bag, but the two plants look like two different varieties. One is a healthy green and looks like a regular potato plant. The other one is a dark green and has smaller leaves and the plant is puny. I’ve had to trim several of the leaves off the puny one because they were wilted. Unfortunately, Neither have bloomed. I’m curious to see how this experiment turns out.

Our squash is doing really well. We already have much more than we need.
Our cucumbers are producing just enough for us to enjoy with our meals.

That’s all my gardening updates for the moment.

I hope you all have a productive rest of the week.


8 thoughts on “Potato Buckets & Squash

  1. The squash look great and it looks as if one potato has taken better to bucket-life than the other. I do not know if the wilting one will perk up if you transfer him into the ground. We wish you a wonderful rest of the week!☺💖

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  2. Hmmm, interesting! Potatoes don’t; bloom here until into July, so you still might get blossoms on them, more likely on the healthy one, I guess. I never did get mine planted this year, so I wont; be much help on the experiment. But don’t forget to add more dirt to those buckets so you get more potatoes!

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  3. Hi SalPal
    I read that some potatoes don’t bloom at all. Since these potato plants are grown from store bought potatoes I don’t know if they’ll bloom or not. I hope they do. I like potato blooms. I’m not putting anymore dirt in the buckets. I figure the foot of stem I’ve gradually covered up so far will be enough to see if my experiment works or not.
    It’s not wonder you didn’t get your potatoes planted. You stay so busy all the time. You’ve already been a help to me with you support and thoughts. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful rest of the week. 🙂


    • Thanks CW
      I agree. It’s really interesting how one thrives and one is only just surviving.
      I can hardly wait to pour them out and see if there’s a treasure of at least one potato, that would be a success for us. 🙂


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