Potato Bucket Done, Corn Harvest & a Tomato

My potato plant was looking poorly and began to turn yellow, so I decided it was time to see if it was productive. I’m happy to report the my potato bucket produced one little potato. Unfortunately, it is too small to eat.  I left the little potato in the garden for any critter that might want a snack.
I don’t think my potato bucket experiment has been a total failure. It solved my curiosity and it produced several blog posts. 😉

A short time ago, a storm came through and flattened our beautiful corn. About half the crop struggled to stand back up. Some critters feasted on some of the corn. Even though the corn probably needed another few days of ripening, we thought it best to harvest it or we wouldn’t get any to eat.
On the 4th of July we harvested, shucked, blanched, cut-off-the-cob, vacuum packaged and froze 17 bags of corn.
We’re very happy to have the corn frozen and available for many meals to come.

At last another tomato is finally ripening. It’s so pretty snuggled down in the lush green leaves of the tomato vine. It should be ready soon.

Originally, I kind of wondered if our garden was too small, but it’s proven to be a good size for us. We’ve enjoyed tending our little garden and the veggies are a mighty tasty reward.

Wishing you all a happy harvest!



10 thoughts on “Potato Bucket Done, Corn Harvest & a Tomato

  1. We spent our Fourth just like you did…doin’ corn! I have never vacuum packaged. May need to check into that! I like your attitude about the potato in a bucket project. “I don’t think (it) was a total failure. It solved my curiosity, and….” I will remember this when some of my projects go awry.

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    • Ah Neat Mary
      I guess great minds think alike and know how to really enjoy a holiday. 😉
      We use a manual handheld vacuum pump by Ziploc. Here’s a link to one of my blog post about it: Manual Handheld Vacuum Sealer System. We’ve been using it for years.
      Thanks Mary for liking my thoughts. You made me smile. 😀


  2. So srry about the storm flattening your corn, and I am very sad about the potato bucket experiment. I probably shouldn’t tell you about growing them in hay bales, right? Someone I know swears by it. I am not so sure. 😉

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