Random Few For Friday

Talk about late bloomers, my snowball bush has produced
one lovely fluffy pretty bloom.
It’s odd, I think, but pretty neat too.My herb garden has came a long way from when we first started it back in 2016.There’s nothing like homegrown tomatoes!
Yep, that’s the mantra this gardener gardens by. I’ve finished my ‘Joy In The Journey’ cross stitch.
I’m thinking I may make it into a wall
hanging instead of a framed wall picture.
I’m going to leave it on the frame until I decide.

I was surfing around for movies and surfed upon a 70 episode set of ‘One Step Beyond’. I’m familiar with the series from watching a few of the episodes on a video site. I didn’t realized it was based on true stories and was even aired before ‘Twilight Zone’ came along. That impressed me and as it was reasonably priced, I bought it. I’ve not watched but a few of the episodes on the first disc. I plan to watch through the episodes in order. I really enjoy the stories. The stories do give one cause-for-pause to ponder the odd events that happen from time-to-time.

Have a great weekend!


18 thoughts on “Random Few For Friday

    • Thanks so much WF
      My herb garden is a lot of fun and requires little work. The tomatoes are the last surving veggies in our main garden and they are delicious.
      I’ve enjoyed my cross stitch work. I’m happy with the way ‘Joy In The Journey’ turned out. I hope the next one does as well.
      ‘One Step Beyond’ series is from 1959 – 1961, the stories are curious and entertaining. It’s also interesting to see the society norms back then. We’ve come a long way in some ways and other ways not so much. 😉

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      • I have always wanted to grow herbs but just haven’t tried yet. We only have one place in the house where the windows would get the right amount of sun I think, but we have a shelf in the corner with cookbooks and my huge aloe vera plant on it! Plus my husband clutters it up with his stuff, so…you may know how that goes! Ha, ha!
        Yes, your cross stitch is beautiful! You should be proud! 😉
        Society has changed some, but people seem to stay the same; there just isn’t as much “hidden” like it used to be which I am actually glad about. I think everyone needs to be accepted for who they are even if I may not embrace the way they choose to live, but that’s just me. 🙂

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    • Thanks Claire,
      We’re really enjoying the tomatoes, they are Yummy!
      I hope to string the new butterfly cross stitch on a frame soon. I hope it turns out beautiful too. 🙂


  1. Aw, I love your snowball bush bloom. Mom always had a snowball bush. I wanted to bring a bloom inside, but she said no, because they shed so badly.
    Your needlework is gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

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    • Thanks so much Dianna
      Your story made me smile. It’s fun what simple things remind us of fond childhood memories of our loved ones. Good call on your Mom’s part, those snowballs shed like a blizzard. 😉
      ‘Joy In The Journey’ turned out better than I thought it would. It’s my first big project in many years.
      I hope your weekend is a great one too. 🙂


  2. Those tomatoes look super yummy!
    Your next project is exactly the type of project I’m intimidated by. 😅 Looking forward to seeing your progress, and can’t wait to see the final version of the current one.
    I’d not heard of One Step Beyond. Hope you enjoy the series!

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    • Thanks Anita,
      The tomatoes are super Yummy and we’re going to miss them when their season ends.
      I can’t imagine any craft intimidating you. I bet you could cross stitch beautifully because you’re multi-talented. I’m still undecided about my first cross stitch, but I figure I’ll finish it soon.
      The ‘One Step Beyond’ series is an old series than ran from 1959-1961. So far the episodes are really curious and very enjoyable. Thanks so much. 🙂

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      • Everyone has something that intimidates them, right? 😅 Let’s just say that’s why for some projects, I only like observing the work of others. 😁 Maybe someday, I’ll tackle those, but right now, I’m happy looking at your progress, E.C. 👍☺

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  3. That’s my kind of snowball, the summer kind. Your herb garden appears to be very happy. Nothing like fresh tomatoes. Pretty sampler, and I absolutely ADORE the butterflies and coneflowers project.

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    • Thanks so very much Patti
      The snowball bush always blooms earlier in the Summer, so it was fun to see it pop out the unexpected late bloom. It’s had a few more since my post. Pretty neat.
      We enjoy our herb garden mostly for the butterflies and the birds. ~smile~ and the herbs are handy and a tasty bonus. 😀
      We’ve really enjoyed our tomatoes. You’re right there’s nothing like fresh tomatoes. Yum!
      The sampler turned out better than I hoped. It helped me feel confident enough to order the butterflies and coneflowers project. I hope to get it started soon. 🙂

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