Snowflake Crackers sort of

I bought these crackers because in the picture they look like snowflakes and even say ‘Snowflake’ on the box.
The cracker brand is my favorite brand.
The quality and taste are there…
However I’m Feeling a bit disillusioned…

How about you, ever bought a food because it looked a bit special and then found that, while it tastes good, it’s a bit lacking in looks as advertised on the packaging?



4 thoughts on “Snowflake Crackers sort of

  1. lol I know exactly what crackers you mean. THey could do better!

    We were recently very disappointed in a package of “mystery oreos” which were in a white package, and the point of the thing was to guess the flavor. I presumed it would be a new flavor they were trying out. Well, maybe, but they were disgusting, terrible aftertaste. I’ll stick with my regular R crackers and original oreos. 🙂

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    • Thanks SalPal
      I agree they definitely could do better. I was surprised the R brand didn’t make these more defined.
      Oh goodness, it sounds like your mystery oreos were gross. I agree, Sticking to the original R crackers and oreos is the best choice. 🙂

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  2. Oh E.C. I once bought these exact same “snowflake” crackers only to the exact same disappointment. At least they taste good though!

    I can’t really think of anything else off the top of my head but I am sure there have been a few other things that were similarly disappointing, over the years.

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    • Thanks CW
      I bet you felt like I do. If they didn’t have the original great taste, I’d be a very unhappy consumer.
      Yep, food disappointments happen from time-to-time, but I expected better with this major name brand. :/


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