Crocheted Sweater for Sheli

Shelibean is a nudist. He hates wearing store-bought clothes and sweaters. Since we rarely take him outside in the winter-time, it’s not an issue. However, I still want him to have a sweater when we do take him outside. And it’d be a big bonus if he is content in it.
It occured to me that he enjoys my crocheted collars and blankets that I make for him, so maybe, just maybe, he’d might be more content in a sweater I crocheted.
Starting early this morning, I set about crocheting him a sweater. It went together easier than I thought it would. I can’t believe I actually got it finished.I don’t have a pattern, so for the length and the width I kind of went by a store bought sweater. The store bought sweater just has slits where his front legs go,  but I decided to put sleeves in it to try and keep him a bit warmer.
I think the sweater turned out pretty good.
I think Sheli looks adorable in his new sweater.
He seems to like it quite well.
He strutted around the house in it and acted happy.

Sending out warm thoughts and snuggles to your pets.

Have a wonderful weekend.



8 thoughts on “Crocheted Sweater for Sheli

  1. What a lovely sweater E.C. and Shelibean really looks happy wearing it. Wool is so nice for dogs to wear as it keeps them warm without drying the skin. We hope you all stay warm and wish you a wonderful weekend :o) xxx

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    • Thanks so much WW
      I hope I can get Sheli to wear his sweater for longer than a few minutes. He did real well with trying it on and modeling it for photos, so I have high hopes.
      Take care and stay warm. Have a wonderful weekend too. 😀

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    • Thanks so much Anita
      It’s a great bonus too. Shelibean is such a finicky little fellow that it makes me happy that he actually seems happy with the sweater I made. 😀

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