Wildbird Wednesday – nest update

I’m sad to tell you that the wren eggs have all disappeared. They became another loss in the circle-of-life. I read that wrens will usually have a couple of broods a year. Hopefully Mr & Mrs Wren will have success with their second brood this Summer.


12 thoughts on “Wildbird Wednesday – nest update

  1. So sad, but that is nature. Not too long ago when I took the girls out, Princess lunged at something and snatched it up. I didn’t even see what it was, till about a minute later when she decided to drop it. It was a young robin. I felt so bad… but, it happens. Poor little thing was just out trying to learn to fly. I suppose it’s death was swift, at least, and it likely didn’t suffer much. Had I seen it in the grass soon enough I would have kept Princess away from it but it was small enough to have been nestled into the grass enough I had no idea it was there.

    Hopefully the wrens choose another nesting spot someplace close by where you can monitor them.

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    • Thanks CW
      It’s sad about the baby robin, but sometimes our pets get into the cycle of nature survival, even though we try to keep a tight watch on them.
      I’d like to observe wrens next nesting spot, but they don’t hang around close enough where I can see them. 😦


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