WIP Wednesday – March 2019 Temperature blankets Update

Here’s my monthly update of my temperature blankets. Crocheting the daily add-on has become a part of my morning routine. My blankets are coming along well. I like the way they look with their different lengths of colors.

I wish you all success in whatever projects you have in the works.






12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – March 2019 Temperature blankets Update

  1. They’re coming along beautifully E.C.! I really must do this myself next year. I’ll have to start thinking up what color palettes I want to use and considering the yarn options; maybe buy up a bit here and there so come the new year I will have the yarn and be ready to go. My boss just gave me a raise (a fact he asked to remain confidential) and he said today he got approval from HIS boss to do it but we did not get a chance to talk again so he could tell me how much of a raise it was. Hopefully it was decent – we had a discussion recently in which he said that I deserve more for what I do because I’m very good at my job and I am one of his best workers. Hopefully it will be enough of a raise that things will be slightly less challenging for me financially. I’ll still be paycheck to paycheck I’m sure, but every little bit extra that I can get sure helps!

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    • Thanks so much CW,
      I can hardly wait to see what colors and design you make in a temperature blanket. I know it’ll be lovely.
      Buying yarn up a bit at a time would be the way to go. It can get expensive buying it all at once.
      Congratulations on your raise. That’s so wonderful. I’m thankful they are finally acknowledging what I’ve known all along; you’re a talented cake/baker artist and deserve to be paid better for it. ❤


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