5th Garden Update 2019

One of our yellow cherry tomatoes is ripening. It’s one of the vines we’re growing in a container on the back porch.
The tomatoes in the garden have babes on the vine, so hopefully we’ll have a few big tomatoes too.
Our chard is beautiful and delicious.
The onion bulbs are getting larger.
The squash and cucumbers vines are starting to bloom.
Something has been eating on the bean vines.
We found a baby bean on one of the luckier bean vines.
Our potato plants are big and healthy and new potatoes are cracking the ground at their base.
Last but not least our peppers are starting to produce. These are orange peppers and will take a many weeks to ripen fully… although they are quite edible at any stage of the growing/ripening time.
So despite our region having hot dry weather, our garden is doing well.
I hope all your gardens are productive.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “5th Garden Update 2019

    • Thanks so much Kathy,
      We’re in the mid-south USA. We’ve had unseasonably hot dry weather. I think that’s partly responsible for our gardening season speeding up some. We’ve had to water the veggies. If it would come a nice slow rain, our garden would really flourish. 🙂

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      • Watering is a tricky business. When it gets too dry here, which is often, we have to give up the lawn, which of course turns brown and looks hideous, but who can afford $200/month to just have pretty, we use it for food production!

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        • I agree Kathy
          We’re careful to water around the flowers and vegetable plant only. We don’t water the whole garden nor do we water our yard. Like you, we give up our yard to save water and money. 🙂

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