2019 Temperature blankets Update

My temperature blankets are getting some size to them now. I like the way they’re looking.

My husband told me that my blankets remind him of the music screen the humans played for the aliens on ‘close encounters of the 3rd kind’.  😀


Happy Crafting!







6 thoughts on “2019 Temperature blankets Update

  1. Your blankets are coming along beautifully E.C.! It is getting close enough to the end of the year I probably really ought to start figuring out my colors and getting supplies for my own for next year. I need to do a test run of the pattern I’ve come up with for it so I can have a better idea of the yardage I’m going to need. Perhaps I’ll do that on one of my days off I have coming up. My work situation is changing soon, so I’ll have a little more money and hopefully can do more fun things down the road. I still will not have lots of spare money but I will be doing a little better than I am now at least. Big, scary changes…. they’re good, but still scary. I don’t like change, even good change. Hopefully I can adjust fairly easily once the time comes.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I can totally relate about how you feel about change. I’m a very catish person like that too.
      This change may be the start of many womderful changes to come.
      I wish you all the best.


  2. Yes, now that you mention it (or rather, your husband does) the blankets do look like the music screen! They’re turning out wonderful, E.C., and I love all the colors. 🙂

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