Snow – Soup & Christmas Tree

11-12-2019 We woke up to a light snow that had fell during the night.
It was super cold and in the teens, so that meant it was a great day for a pot of chicken vegetable soup and a pone of cornbread. It really hit the spot and felt like a warm nostalgic hug.
My husband has been in the mood to put up our Christmas tree since first frost, but held off until the 10th of this month. You can say it’s way too early, but we enjoy the extra festive sparkle it brings to our home. Thankfully our livingroom is large enough that the tree and decor isn’t in-the-way.
Shelibean supervised the holiday decorating.

So, what’s up at your home?
Has the winter weather put you in a nostalgic mood or holiday mode?

Wishing you all a warm and happy rest of the week!



8 thoughts on “Snow – Soup & Christmas Tree

    • Thanks so much Anita,
      Life a lot more cheerful since my husband and I began enjoying the best of the cool weather and got an early start to the approaching holiday season. 😀

      Thanks for the compliment on my photo frames. The frames I use on my photos are a part of my favorite photo editing program, “Photo Impact X3” I’ve used that brand since I begin on the internet. It’s a wonderful program and I’ve always thought it sad that it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

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    • Cool Dianna,
      I’m sure you’ll get in the mode when the time is right. We’re just super early this year.
      I think the music helps put the spirit in our hearts and makes us feel nostalgic and ready for the holidays. 😀


  1. We have already had our first significant snowfall last week. Way too early for 9″ of snow, I amnot ready for the holidays at all. They are coming way to fast and I am trying to pretend they are not, LOL. It is a beautiful, sunny day and I am hoping more of the snow will melt today. I will be inside doing laundry and maybe some crochet or cross stitch. I love that you made your Christmas tree photos a vintage style, so I can still pretend that the holidays are not coming yet 😉

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    • Thanks so much Giinny,
      Wow! 9″ of snow, I can’t imagine. I hope it’ll melt off and you all will be thawed out soon.
      Crafts are such a wonderful distraction when we’re housebound because of weather.
      Thanks for liking my vintage look photos. I’m planning to wait til December to post color Christmas photos.
      Take care & stay warm. 🙂

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