1st tomatoes & cucumber – Baby Asparagus Beans & misc

P1020385We got a super tasty surprise when we went to the garden: 9 Husky Girl Cherry Tomatoes and 1 pickling cucumber.
We’re amazed at how early this year we got our first tomatoes and cucumber.
I grow pickling cucumbers strictly to eat. I like their taste better than the salad cucumbers. My husband has some  burp-less cucumbers growing. I hope they have as good of a flavor as these little ones do.
We had a nice snack of these tasty fresh veggies.P1020408

P1020436We have several baby asparagus beans. They’re long and scrawny and still growing. We hope they’ll fill out soon. It’ll be interesting to see how long they grow. We’re anxious to harvest a mess of them and see if they taste good. So far, the deer hasn’t bothered the asparagus beans nor the decorative corn. I hope our luck holds up with that.

P1020444Our regular bush green beans are trying to be productive, but as you can see in the photo, the deer have eaten the tops off of them. Hopefully, the beans that are growing on them now will get to mature and we’ll have at least one mess of regular green beans to cook.

P1020486The fan-fob is a bee-nursery again this year. Apparently only the lower fobs are in the right region of the universe for a nursery because the bees haven’t ever used the upper fobs.

P1020474Here’s our latest harvest of squash (and some of my herbs in the background) We’ve given away a lot of squash already. We like the sweeter taste of the yellow and golden squash better than the green squash.  I decided not to let my green egg squash plants continue to grow. I pulled them up and tossed them away. I’ve replanted a few more golden squash seeds and they’re already growing well. We won’t be hurting for squash. As you can see in the photo, we have more than plenty.

Happy Gardening!gardeningcouple


Gardening update – 6-9-2016

cornbean1Back in May my husband got a creative idea to hang twine down from ropes for the asparagus beans to run on.
cornbean2Now the corn is as tall as the ropes/strings. We figure the corn will grow much taller as time goes on.
cornbean3The beans are running on the strings (and on the corn stalks as well.) We’re hoping soon that the beans will bloom.

carrot2carrot patch before weedingAfter the recent welcomed rains, We were more easily able to weed the carrots. It took us 2 hours to carefully pull, dig and toss the weeds out of carrot patch. Hopefully the carrots will grow into some tasty colorful veggies.

mater-1My husband weeded my gnome garden last week. He moved a the volunteer tomato plants to the garden and planted them in bunches, so they can support each other as they grow. They must be happy because they’re blooming quite lovely. We can hardly wait to see what variety they are.

squash2I made the hard decision to dig up and throw away 2 of my squash plants. It was a sad thing since I planted only two seeds of each variety. The two I pulled up were golden zucchini squash. The vines were big and they even had several new squash on them. To a non-gardener they would’ve looked healthy. squash2I originally thought the yellow leaves were from the cool weather at night we had a while back. But I trimmed those leaves off and as the squash grew so did more yellow leaves. My other varieties of squash are full and luscious and green. I worried that whatever was causing the golden zucchini to have yellow leaves might spread to my other plants. Also, an unhealthy squash is more susceptible to pests and other diseases. I surfed several garden websites and have come to the conclusion that my two golden zucchini plants may have been suffering from a ‘nitrogen deficiency’ or a ‘nutrient deficiency’ or something else. Regardless, I wanted them out of my garden so my other squash wouldn’t catch anything from them.  I planted a couple more golden zucchini squash seeds in another spot. Hopefully they’ll live and be healthy.

And so ends another gardening update.
I hope you all are having pleasant weather & good days.

Happy gardening!

Shields Up – garden update

IMG_8796Saturday night was forecast to be in the mid-30’s. To protect our lovely growing garden, we covered everything we could and hoped the rest would be okay.

Sure enough, it got super cold and in the low 30’s. We were glad we took the time to protect our plants.

Sunday morning, when it finally warmed up to 50°, we uncovered our garden. Our plants looked happy and healthy.
Hopefully, this past weekend’s cold snap will be the last one of the year and we won’t have to worry with covering our plants again.

On a sad note, Saturday afternoon, we noticed that a deer has been dining in our bean patch. Apparently, bean plants are too tasty for hungry deer to be scared off by shiny pans and pin wheels. :/P1010167 Earlier this season, Dianna mentioned something about a homemade deer deterrent. I didn’t know of anything at the time.  I was hopeful that aluminum pans and pin wheels would be enough. Now, my mind is changed and I need to surf around the net and see if I can find a recipe for some safe homemade deer deterrent. If I find something that works, I’ll be sure to share it.

We’ve harvested and enjoyed chard, onions and radishes. (If we can keep the critters deterred long enough) future produce and healthy tasty meals will be welcome Summertime treats. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I hope your weekend was a nice one and
your week is filled with sunshine and smiles.



Garden Update – 6-8-2015

Wishing you all happiness with your
outdoor projects this gardening season.

Garden Update – 7-8-2014

IMG_4449We had another good harvest of squash and beans. I figure we’ll get one more squash harvest about half this size. Right now I have more squash than Carter’s got had Liver Pills. (Oops, my age is showing lol )
In the upper left of the photo, you can see my blue jean water tote that I made the first part of June. It’s really came in handy.  I’m tickled pink with it. It the perfect size to carry 2 bottles of water & little stuff I may need it in. I wish I would’ve thought to make one years ago. It works great.

beansIMG_4733As for the beans, we put up a couple dozen quarts. We have enough to do through the winter. We don’t plan on picking any more beans. We figure it’d be stupid to let the plants stay and get completely infested with bean beetles, so my husband pulled up all the bean plants and tossed them away.

gardiOur garden has reached the jungle stage. It looks a mess because the plants are grown and the weeds are growing wild. This is what happens when folks don’t have time to use the tiller or pull weeds. You can click on the garden photo to open it bigger if you want too.

dahliaIMG_4466My dahlias are blooming real pretty.
I’ve had to stake the plants because the blooms make them too top heavy to stand.
IMG_4544If you look to the left of the dahlias you can see a volunteer cherry tomato plant. It already has several tomatoes on it. I can hardly wait for them ripen.

flwersIMG_4618A lot of the flowers in my husband’s flower bed are starting to get some size to them and are blooming well.
flwrs2IMG_4474You’ll notice that there’s sparse spots where the Gerber daisies are. The rabbits and squirrels have been hard on them.

walnut-IMG_4727On a final note, our walnut tree is loaded with walnuts. It looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop year. We don’t use the walnuts for anything, but it’s still a joy to watch them grow. We leave them for the squirrels to eat or store for the winter.  There’s been many times we’ve watched squirrels digging up walnuts in the yard. It’s also amazing how many walnut saplings we have to pull up out of the yard, garden & flower beds. We suspect that if we let our property grow wild a few years, it’d be a thriving forest in a very short time.

And so ends this garden update.

I hope your gardens and/or flowers are flourishing.
Wishing you a terrific Tuesday.

Green Beans packed & Frozen

IMG_4109T’is the season to began storing food for the winter. I’m happy that we got 10 packages of green beans packaged and put in the freezer. That’s a lot of good eats. 😉

If you want to know how I package my beans, here’s a link to a website that has a method like we use.  Pick Your Own: How to Freeze Green Beans

0-frebnThe things we do different from pickyourown.org is, we break our beans by hand instead of using a knife
and we use Ziploc Vacuum bags. This has been our favorite vacuum pump for many many years.

I look forward to putting on a pot of green beans in the winter time, cooking them down and reminisce about growing them. lol

I hope you all have a nice rest of the week of enjoyable reminiscing.