Redwork block 9 – Happy Puppy

IMG_5780This happy puppy reminds me of our dog Princess Penny.  She was a special part of our family for about 7 years. She was a mix breed, but we thought of her as a lemon beagle. She was a hefty dog of around 54 pounds. She was a wonderful guard dog. She let us know when anyone was even walking past the house.

Unfortunately, Penny had some serious health problems that caused her to pass-away at a young age. The vet said that health-wise, she was dealt a bad hand at birth. By the time she passed away she had lost down to skin and bones. She was so pitiful.

Over the years and in Penny’s last days, You could tell when she was in pain or hurting and yet when we spoke to her, she would wag her tail and put on her happy ears. That’s what I called it when she looked happy.  She’d look up at me with such a sweet face that I would want to cry and hold her close to me forever. It was like she tried so hard to keep us from worrying about her. She was my special girl.



One thought on “Redwork block 9 – Happy Puppy

  1. Aw…love your sweet little redwork block. That little pup looks like it’s just waiting for someone to play!
    We always have special memories of the little furbabies we’ve loved and lost through the years.


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