Redwork Block 11 – Clock & Progress report


Anytime I see a double bell wind up clock, I think of my Mother, especially if it’s a brass one. All through my youth, I’d watch my Mom set her brass alarm clock for the next morning & wind it up. The thing about Mom and alarm clocks is she really didn’t need one. She was one of those gifted people who could stay up late talking, cooking or sewing and still rise before dawn bright-eyed and ready to greet the day. I wish I could’ve inherited that gift from her. I don’t remember her ever sleeping late in the morning unless she was seriously ill.

I never have figured out how to set a wind up clock to alarm at the correct time. Thankfully my generation was blessed with digital clock radios by the time I was grown and needed to wake up to one on my own.

I thought my cartoony alarm clock would make a fun addition to my redwork quilt. I still have many many blocks to go, so there may be more silliness appear embroidered in red before I get finished.

And now it’s ‘time’ for an update of my progress over the past couple weeks. 😉

~Redwork Block Progress~


I think my Redwork quilt top is looking okay. Here’s eleven blocks I’ve embroidered during the past two weeks. They look better in real life.

Honestly, my redwork quilt top isn’t dingy or dirty like it looks in the photo. For some reason my camera yellows & grays on the edges of a photo when I use the flash. I hate it because it looks awful, but I wanted to show you all how it’s looking so far.

And now on to next weeks blocks… wonder what memories or anecdotes will be sparked.
Stay tuned. 🙂

Wishing you all fun & joy in crafting.

5 thoughts on “Redwork Block 11 – Clock & Progress report

  1. E.C., I’m enjoying this so much! Your quilt blocks are simply adorable. (I like the “yellowed” look, even if it is just a photography thing; it already looks like a treasured antique quilt.)
    My mom always had a wind-up clock too. Just another of those things we don’t even think about any longer. But I never remember her sleeping late either.
    Enjoy your weekend, E.C.!


    • Hi Dianna, Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I apologize for not responding My posts were set up on time delay posting, I haven’t been on the internet this week. My husband had a heart attack. I won’t be online much for a few weeks/months. Thank you for your friendship and support. Take care, E.C. 🙂


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