February Wreath

IMG_7229My ‘Wreath of the Month‘ for February,
is dressed up in traditional hearts and flowers
in red, pink and white in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful February
filled with happiness and smiles.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day to you all.



My February wreath, pictured at the top of this post, is made with Red Heart yarn on a Knifty Knitter cord loom and some flower looms that I don’t know what their brand is.
As extra decor, I crocheted the rose and the hearts.

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Here’s why I’m making a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.


8 thoughts on “February Wreath

  1. Your blog looks so festive! (I need to get busy making my Valentine cards….). You must stay busy with some craft or the other every minute!


    • Thanks Dianna
      I’m not completely settled on the template, but this theme is looking like a keeper so far.
      I bet your cards will pretty. I hope you’ll post some photos of them.
      If I wasn’t crafting or planning a craft constantly, I’d be bored stiff. lol That’s why I usually have 2 or more (usually many more) projects going at once.


    • Thanks Charlotte
      This wreath turned out better than I’d hoped, I love it when that happens.
      I’m hoping my March wreath turns out as well.


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