Longing for Spring & Shelibean

IMG_7539I went outside for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. I wanted to stay out longer, but even at 65°  with the sun partly shining, the wind was still awfully sharp.

IMG_7535I noticed some of my day lilies are trying to grow.  I guess they’re longing for warm Spring weather like we humans are. Of course it’s possible these few sprouts are reconnaissance and they’re checking to see if it’s safe to grow yet or not. 😉

IMG_7518For the first time in many years I bought some flower bulbs. I don’t know what came over me, But there I was standing staring wistfully at the beautiful flowers on the packages in the display and suddenly I wanted some flower bulbs. I expressed my goofy thought to my husband and he thought it was a good idea. So I bought a couple packs of bulbs and I’ll probably buy some more as last-frost draws nearer. We also bought a few packs of seeds recently and some onions sets for the garden.  Now, once again we’re longing for the last-frost so we can play in the dirt and feel the joy of gardening.

When there was a lull in the wind gusts for a few minutes I sat in a lawn chair on my back-porch and pretended that it was Spring . Sheli sat in a chair next to me, but wasn’t happy about being outside because he doesn’t like being outdoors. There’s too many scary things going on for one little guy to take in all at once.
He became entranced for a minute watching the neighbors and I took the opportunity to get a photo of him being still.
Sheli then barked and insisted on sitting in my lap.
Yep, my little ornament is quite the guard dog. lol

I hope you all are having a good week so far.
May the rest of your week be filled with warm
outdoor temperatures & springtime dreams.

For Barb, I wish a cool Autumn breeze
to comfort you from Oz’s Summer heat.t110008


8 thoughts on “Longing for Spring & Shelibean

  1. The rain & grey sky’s really need to move over and let spring in lol when the sun arrives I believe I’m going to need a machete to tackle what I presume is my garden. Sheli is looking mighty fine in guard dog pose 🙂


  2. I love that photo of Sheli, he is such a little cutie! I think he would make a good playmate for our Poppy as she tends to be on the timid side too, scared of everything!
    Thank you for thinking of me Eliz – an Autum breeze would be very welcome but it’s still hot here (34C as I write) so I’m sitting in the a/c. Can’t go out into the garden, the humidity is a killer but I’m going to be kept busy because Poppy has a playmate for the next three days – my friend has gone interstate to visit a sick friend, so I’m looking after her dog; fun and games ahead!
    I hope your Spring comes real soon so you can get those bulbs in. Send some pics when they flower!


    • Thanks Barb
      I bet he and Poppy would have a jolly good time together. I can only imagine they’re antics. It makes me smile to think of it.
      I hope you have some nice cool breezes soon.
      It looks like warm weather may be with us to stay soon. I hope I hope I hope… 🙂


  3. Spring bulbs and seeds ~ what dreams are made of! Usually I have more luck with bulbs since they bloom before the dry summer days, but feel I just have to plant a few annuals too. Be sure and let us have a look when the bulbs come up and bloom.


    • Thanks Charlotte
      I agree, bulbs are my favorites, but like you I still plant my annuals. Summer wouldn’t be summer without marigolds.
      I hope I have lots of photos to share. 🙂


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