The Wild Life Of July 4th Weekend

IMG_4454Our weekend didn’t really start off on a positive note. We had an invasion of tiny sugar ants. Oh my them buggers were into everything. We cleared out everything from the cabinets and cleaned out all the ants we could catch with our clorox wipes. We then sprinkled Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in the cabinets to keep the ants controlled until we were able to get to the store and buy some bug spray. We vacuumed up the DE and my husband gave the cabinets a good spraying. We let them set for a couple of days. Until yesterday, my counter tops and dining room table was crowded with the contents from the lower cabinets and it was a relief to finally be able to put the stuff back in the cabinets. I used a bottom half of a shoe box to make it easier to tote more stuff at once back to the cabinets. When we were done. I left the box in the floor with the intention of tossing it away later.
We sit down to enjoy a sandwich and a much deserved break. I looked over a noticed Sheli jumped in the box and dug at the bottom, circled a few times and then snuggled down for a nap. I grabbed my camera and clicked off 4 photos, but only one turned out. It’s cute though.
Sheli in the box reminded me of a post my blogging buddy Barbara made about animals called “If it Fits, I Sit” it was such a cheerful collection of animals sitting/laying in the oddest containers and places.

IMG_4426On the bright side, We were blessed with a gorgeous weekend. The blue sky was filled with clouds and contrails and sometimes nothing at all. The temps were really nice and allowed us to spend more time outside than normal. The 4th we sat out and watched fireworks from the surrounding neighborhoods. Oddly there was a chill in the air and we had to wear our heavy jackets. I don’t think I remember a night so cold in July before. It was an enjoyable evening just the same.IMG_4390

IMG_4644The resident wild life was in their best element this weekend. I was right about the Doe that I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought was with-fawn. We saw her and her fawn at end of our property.  It was enchanting. The fawn is such a comical character. I took several photos from my kitchen looking out through screened windows.  I zoomed in on them as best as I could, but the photos didn’t turn out very well. I wanted to show this one to you because I may not get anymore photos of the baby. You never know when it’ll be by when I have my camera on hand. The fawn is peeking out from the other side under  his Mom. He’s small enough that we almost didn’t see him.

IMG_4516I saw one of the garden bunnies sitting near the garden. I thought something was wrong with it’s head, it’s cheek looked really swollen. I clicked off a few photos and hurriedly loaded them on my pc to see what was wrong with the bunny. Well, it had a big mouth of grass and so explains the puffy cheeks. lol

IMG_4669One of the local male hummingbirds lit in our pear tree. He stayed still just long enough for me to click off one photo. Luckily it’s turned out okay enough to post on my blog.

IMG_4568And last but not least, we had a surprise visit from Screech. We were so happy to see him. I’m pleased as peaches to get this one good shot of him watching my husband gathering our gardening tools together.
Last evening, my husband noticed that Screech was sleeping in the cubby-hole again. We figure the first brood of screechlettes have been born and raised and Mr. Screech is nest-testing again. We figure he’s trying his best to convince the Mrs. to move to our barn… or he had enough of the wife and kids and took a much needed little vacation in our barn. lol
Click here to see a few more photos of Screech and him in his cubby-hole.

Screech’s visit could explain why we didn’t see any squirrels this weekend. I reckon they ran for cover so they wouldn’t become owl fodder. Smart little furries, they are. 😉

We had an enjoyable critter-filled weekend here my neck of the woods.

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend &
got a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.






7 thoughts on “The Wild Life Of July 4th Weekend

  1. Hope the sugar ants are gone. We get lots of pillbugs (rolly pollies) and the DE helps keep some at bay. Sheli is adorable! Reminds me of my Coco and her box bed. Check it out: She loved it from the moment we brought her home from the shelter. Jumped right in and made it hers. Her doggy friends seem to love it too – they squeeze in even when they’re 3 times Coco’s size. LOL…


    • Thanks so much Sgsy
      So far, so good on the ants being gone. Unfortunately as tiny as they are, they could show up anywhere. Hopefully, between the DE and bug spray the ants will leave us alone.
      Your Coco is sweet. She looks so meek and precious in her little bed. You did a fabulous job on the bed. Thanks for the tutorial. I may make one for Sheli. He would enjoy having another place to snuggle down in.
      Animals are so funny when they make themselves fit in such small or odd places. lol Gotta love ’em. 🙂


      • Thank you for checking out Coco’s box bed tutorial. Do share photos when Sheli’s new snuggle spot is ready. I’d love to see it!


  2. Wow – busy weekend at your place! Love the pic of Sheli in the shoe box! You have as much wildlife there as we do, although I’ve never actually seen an owl here (although we hear one occasionally). The pic of mom and fawn is precious.


    • Thanks so much Dianna
      Sheli is a fun little character to have around. We never know what he’ll be into next. lol
      The visiting wildlife is like a special gift from nature and it’s such a joy.
      I hope the Mom and Fawn come by again when I’m outside and have my camera with me. I’d love to get some clear photos of them. 🙂


  3. What a cute photo of Sheli-bean in the box – if I’d had this, I would have included him in my latest post. I wonder why animals squeeze into boxes and things like that, they are so funny. He is adorable, and fits in the box nicely! (Thanks for the mention btw).
    Your weekend sounds just about perfect seeing all that wildlife, and the photo of the deer and her fawn is precious. You are privileged to see such a wide variety of wildlife where you live, I would be in my element!


    • Thanks so much Barbara
      You’re welcome for the mention. 🙂
      I agree, he’d of fit right in with your post. Animals are so comical and odd in their choices.
      I love days of wildlife visiting us. It’s like a special gift from nature.
      I’m thankful we live in an era when I can share these animal visits with you all the way on the other side of the world. That’s awesome! 🙂


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