Weather Forecast Folklore

It’s been cloudy and rainy these first 3 days of 2017, the temperature has been between the 40’s and mid-60’s (Fahrenheit). It’s a nice 64° today, the sun even peeked out for a few scattered random minutes. I raced outside with my camera to try to get a photo of the sunshine. Unfortunately, everything is so tan, brown and gray winter colors that the sunshine didn’t show up. However, I managed to get a photo of the sun making shadows of our fence by my rainchain garden. And then the sun saw my camera and raced behind the clouds and the rains came again. No rainbow though.1-3-2017-sunspotDepending on what folklore one is exposed too, supposedly there’s certain days of the year that forecast the weather for other times of the year.
One of them I’ve heard is that the weather during the first 12 days of January is supposed to predict the weather for the 12 months of the year. So, based on that, it could be moderately cool and wet the next three months.1-3-2017-rainI guess, I should mention that in the lore the precipitation can be interchangeable: rain for snow, fog for rain. I guess wet and dampness equals any form of rain, snow, fog, ice or dew. Folklore is very flexible that way. 😉

Just for fun, I hope I can remember to make a note of the weather for all 12 days, to see how they compare to the rest of the months of the year.

How’s the weather been in your region so far this year?
Do you know any folklore about the first 12 days of a year and weather?


10 thoughts on “Weather Forecast Folklore

  1. I was just telling someone today that my mom could predict the weather with what her Papa had taught her (folklore) than the meteorologists today with their fancy triple dopplar whatever!
    We’ve had some wet weather too, and there’s talk of snow for this weekend!

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    • lol Dianna
      It’s interesting how the folks of that generation was so accurate on so many things (that this generation require orbiting-space-toy to try to accomplish the same feat) The art of common sense and being able to read the environmental changes is fast becoming a lost art.
      There’s rumors of snow in our forecast too. We shall see.
      Take care and stay warm. 🙂


  2. How interesting, I never heard that one. My Pap always used to say you could tell what winter would be like based on the walnut trees in the back yard and woods around his house – the amount and size of walnuts as well as how soon they started dropping from the trees were indicators of how long/cold winter would be.

    Our weather here has been fairly mild temperature-wise for winter, very cloudy and extremely rainy. The rain has finally passed now but it is still cloudy and gray, and the current forecast says snow/wintry mix on Saturday.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I agree with your Pap. It always seems to be a hard winter when our walnut trees over produce and a moderate winter when they produce less. This winter so far has been a reflection of they’re moderate producing this past fall. I hadn’t ever heard about size or when they fall. That’s something to pay attention too. I need to remember that. Thanks for sharing for sharing about your Pap. It’s so wonderful he passed his knowledge with you. I love that.
      Your weather sounds like ours, up until today. The weather guy said we may get some snow/wintry mix soon too.
      Take care and Stay warm. 🙂


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