12 thoughts on “Little Bear Cross Stitch Project Finished

      • I used to cross stitch like a fiend. I still have all my threads and patterns. Now, with writing it seems like my days are filled. I still try to crochet (with thread) when I can. Hand crafts bring such a peace to my mind. Hugs to you, E.C. ❤

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        • Hi Colleen
          I think it’s interesting how we go through creative phases. I love to crochet and cross stitch but have taken breaks from them that last many years. I always kept my supplies on hand though because I knew I’d go back to crochet or cross stitch when the mood hit.
          Writing can be a huge time eater. Especially with you doing the NaNoWritMo. I don’t see how you have any extra time to blog this month. You must have a lot of energy.
          Writing and crafting are relaxing and gives such a satisfying sense of accomplishment.
          Hugs to you too. ❤

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          • LOL! E.C. my creativity comes in bursts. Today, I couldn’t write a word in my novel but did manage to write a book review. I just keep moving forward. Tomorrow is another day! ❤

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  1. Little Bear turned out beautifully. I also love the lace! Even with my glasses, I don’t think I could see well enough to make such tiny stitches. I DO have some unfinished projects waiting! Hopefully, I’ll be able to work more on them this winter. I just can’t make myself stay inside on these beautiful fall days for we all know they won’t last long.

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    • Thanks so much Mary
      I struggled with the tiny stitches. I’m glad it’s done and I hope I never encounter an 18 count kit again. Those unfinished projects will still be waiting, I say go out an enjoy the beauty of nature every chance you get. 😀


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