Herb bed, Rose Cutting, a Chrysalis and stormy weather

We cleaned up the herb bed Sunday.
We cut back the Stevia and pulled up and bagged the dead herbs and flowers.
It looks better, but still sad after the lush year it had.
I discovered that my accidental rose cutting is trying to bud.
I’m so surprised. I doubt the weather stays warm long enough for it to bloom, but I’ll keep an eye on it and see how far along it gets.
My husband came in from working outside and told me to come and look at something. He said it was something I needed to see.
I followed him to the shed with my camera in hand.
He pointed to a space in the shed door and said, “Look at that.”
I was so tickled to see a black swallowtail butterfly chrysalis in the space. It’s overwintering there. How cool is that?
It’s been storming all night here and it’s still going on. It’s the whole show complete with lightning and sound effects along with curtains of wind and rain. Shelibean is not happy at all. He’s snuggled down under a blanket beside me feeling quite protected from the weather-at-large.

Here’s wishing you all gentle weather this Tuesday.


8 thoughts on “Herb bed, Rose Cutting, a Chrysalis and stormy weather

    • Thanks so much Pip
      You say the nicest things. Sometimes herbs can be quite quirky in where they’ll thrive. I wish you the best with your herb gardening. 😀


  1. Sometimes those caterpillars choose the most unusual spots to go into their chrysalis stage. Once when I still lived with my dad, we found one in spring time on the seat portion of our picnic table that had been propped against the side of the house for winter. We only found it after moving the table back to the yard once the warmer weather had come. A great big beautiful Luna moth eventually emerged. I’ve got pictures somewhere, but I have no idea which folder in my computer they might be in.

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    • Thanks CW
      The chrysalises have been a fun experience. It rained again last night, but since Shelibean was snuggled down for the night, it didn’t seem to bother him. Hopefully it’ll clear off today. 🙂

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    • Hi Anita
      Anytime my husband wants me to go outside or ‘look here’, I always grab my camera. He enjoys sharing fun finds with me and usually they’re something that I want to photograph.
      I’m still tickled about the chrysalis. I hope it survives the winter. 🙂

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