Doves and Classic Impressions Needlepoint Update

I had planned to do only a wild-bird Wednesday, but I decided to add a work-in-progress Wednesday along with it.
This needlework has been super-duper slow project because I get sidetracked so easily. It’s the same ‘Classic Impressions Needlepoint‘ That I posted about 1-22-2020. Hard to believe it’s been over 2 years and I’ve still not finished it. I hope to finish it this year, but I might not. We’ll see.

Wishing you all a cool and comfortable rest of the week.




4 thoughts on “Doves and Classic Impressions Needlepoint Update

    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      It would appear that time is passing at the speed of sonic. 😀
      Thanks for the encouragement. The heck of it is, I really love this needlepoint. I just haven’t been able to focus on it for long enough to finish it. :/
      I truly agree that sometimes, it is good to get distracted, it makes life more interesting. 🙂


    • Thanks so much Cindy,
      The result of a completed project is so satisfying… Hopefully, I’ll know that feeling about this project some year soon. 😀


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