Diamond painting – plastic canvas tissue box cover – Classic Impressions Needlepoint

I’m happy with my diamond painting.
I framed it and have it hanging in my kitchen.
It wasn’t easy to get a very good picture of it, but this one turned out fairly well.

I finished my plastic canvas tissue box cover.
I think the colors look pretty good together.

I got a bit more done on my ‘Classic Impressions Needlepoint’.
I hope I’ll keep working on it steady.
I still have oodles of work to go on it.

Wishing you all a week of happy crafting!



10 thoughts on “Diamond painting – plastic canvas tissue box cover – Classic Impressions Needlepoint

    • Awesome to see you Nadine,
      I love diamond painting, but mine don’t usually turn out as well as this one did. I bet your 2 are really pretty.
      I miss your blog. I hope you start it back up some time. I’m not very active in blogging now, but I try to post at least once a month.
      Drop by any time. It’s always great to see you. 🙂


    • Thanks so much Margy,
      I agree, it’s fun to have different projects going to have something handy to switch too depending on the day and how much time I have to work on it. 😀


    • Awesome to see you, Renee,
      Thanks so much. I’m glad I went with these 2 colors. They complement each other quite well.
      It’s great to see you again. Congratulations on your growing number of books. I wish you all the best of success. 🙂

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