Scattered Storms

IMG_0118The dogwoods were in full bloom this weekend. I love the many stages of bloom they go through. It’s hard some years to catch the full bloom stage. But this year I manage to get a few photos of them.

It’s scattered storms today and forecast to storm for the next few days. I’m making this post in between storms while I have electric and internet. I’m going to try and get some blog visiting in, but I can’t promise I will. So, if I don’t visit your blog, Don’t give up on me. I’ll be around when I can.

IMG_0232We had our first casualty in the flower beds. Apparently the baby bunny some critter decided to eat a marigold and then change it’s mind. The bottom part of the plant is still planted in the ground and I figure it’ll grow back with time.

We have some new plants growing in the garden. The storms will either wash the tender seedlings away, drown them or give them a boost to grow. We shall see.

I have to stop and try to post this now before the next storm hits. I hear distant thundering.

Wishing you all a great week.


6 thoughts on “Scattered Storms

  1. Be safe in the storms. E.C. My thoughts are with those who suffered so much devastation last night in Oklahoma. We have a chance for severe weather on Wednesday; hoping that won’t happen.


    • Thanks Dianna.
      I agree, My thoughts and prayers are with all of the folks across the states suffering loss and heartbreak from the storms.
      Stay safe and maybe this stormy season will end soon.


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